Sunday, November 27, 2016

Japan Travel / Mt. Fuji / Kawaguchi


Haii hisashiburi (⌯˃̶᷄ ﹏ ˂̶᷄⌯)゚

wakkateru, wakkateru yo  m(._.)m

 I hope you all feel well 
It's time to show you our time in Kawaguchi.
Kawaguchi-ko is one of five lakes surrounding Mount Fuji. We had a cottage in  Ururun Kawaguchiko and it was soo nice omg we had a blast. I always wanted a nice view of mount Fuji with the lake in between it was just perfect. Also to see a bit of the country side of Japan compared to all the big cities we visited before. It was so lovely an quiet I definitely want to go again. From Osaka we took a Shikansen to Shinagawa and there we took a bus to Kawaguchi which took about 2 hours and cost about 20$. 
Another reason why I wanted to visit Kawaguchi was because I wanted to visit Aokigahara forest. But for this trip I think i'm gonna make a seperate post. If I do, I don't now yet since it's quite a touchy and sensitive subject and I don't want to promote it...
But yeah anyway lets look at some pictures .+:。(ノ・ω・)ノ゙

little Kawaguchi (´・` )♡
Fuji-san (✿ ♥‿♥)
Cottages at Ururun

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Japans polite people at its finest. Once again we experienced the friendly hearts of japanese people. The women from Ururun was so friendly and caring, I can't describe it properly.
(●♡∀♡))ヾ☆*。when I told here about our trip to Aokigahara and asked for advice she was really scared and worried about us, just too cute. When we came back after our trip she was really happy as well and she helped us with everything.

lovely mount Fuji

 Superior cottage form inside ໒( ♥ ◡ ♥ )७

For transport in Kawaguchi there is a bus line
Bus map  
Here you can also find the Timetable 
since the bus doesn't drive late you have to take the taxi if you are on the go in the evening
Bus ticket for 2 days unlimited driving costs about 12$

retro bus :D

hahaha everything makes cute sounds in Japan

Yeah thats more or less it for the first day 
As I said maybe I'm gonna show you our trip to aokigahara in the next post  
 But I definitely want to go back to Kawaguchi also to hike on Fuji a bit. There are people who hike in the night to see the sunrise, I really want to do that too ♡(ŐωŐ人)

Matanee see you (`・ω・´)ノ

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