Friday, July 1, 2016

Japan Travel / Osaka / Universal Studios

≡≡\(`´Magical Theme Park Time(̀ 3 ́).*・。゚

On our second day in Osaka we went to Universal Studios (≧∀≦)ノ・━━━★ I always wanted to visit it once, so our trip to Osaka was the perfect oppurtunity for it ;) I'm quite the fraidy-cat for roller coasters but still I enjoyed this trip so much! There so much to see and experience ^__^
famouse spinning globe next to the entrance
Hogwarts in Harry Potter land

So come on let's see all the stuff we did

of course we had to take silly selfies in front of the entrance hahaha
so many people we waiting to pay and to get in. BTW we didn't buy any tickets in advance, it was very easy and quite fast there
stupid selfies with hats on, it will never stop xDD

for entery the harry potter section we had to extra buy a ticket, with this you have access to it for a specific period of time
It was so amazing, even the walk to get to it. Trough a little forest and everywhere the sound of the harry potter theme. There was a good atmosphere
in tehe castle it self is some kind of easy roller coaster with which you can see all, but the queue was way too long so we didn't ride it. But there was a little path accessable by foot so we were also able to see it from the inside. It was really well made! Even with holograms from the scenes
We also tried the famous butter beer, which was quite strange with carbon dioxide xDD but still wort the try. There wer also many shops in which you can buy almost every possible merchandise from Harry Potter
Sadly the Jurassic World section wasn't finished and open at the time we went.
please someone take away the hats, we're addicted hahahaa
After we spent almost the whole day in Universal Studios we went to Harukas, the highest building in Japan! The view was breath taking!
 it took some time till I had the guts to stand on this glass xDD
when it got dark it was like an ocean of light <3 so beautyful 

so that was our Osaka trip, the next day we're already heading to Mt. Fuji, to also experience a bit of the country side of Japan. So don't miss it!
I definetely want to visit Osaka again •̀رق•́✧
(。・艸-。)-☆ wiйκ

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