Monday, May 30, 2016

Japan Ani Manga Night '16

o(^▽^)o Konnichiwa minna san o(^▽^)o

Finally it's the time of the year where the Japan Ani Manga Night takes place!!! 《《o(≧◇≦)o》》   o(^∀^*)o   o(*>ω<*)o

Jap Ani Manga Night short JAN is a convention is Switzerland for all who love anime, manga, games and the japanese culture. For two years now it takes place in Davos, a tiny town in the mountains where "normal" swiss people usually go for skiing and relaxing. This place now turns every year in May into a spot for thousends of crazy and super cool guys, who are travelling from all around the country to participate in this awesome event! (ω・。)

For me it's the sixth time xD  So you can imagine I really love this convention <3 There are severall concerts, shows like sumo, contests for cosplay etc, a huge gaming dungeon, workshops for sewing and cooking, a big place for buying merchandise, a host club and an otaku room and many many more. For more information visit the official JAN Website 

(⌐■_■)♪ so let's go! (⌐■_■)♪ 

This time I went with Angela, Melissa and Felix. We stayed in the Solaria Appartements.
It was really nice and not far away from the JAN area. We arrived on friday night by car. 

Friday night fever!! hahah Felix had to prepare for the Yu-Gi-Oh tournament on the next day 

On saturday we got up early to put on our cosplay. This time Angela played Claire Redfield from Resident Evil and I played Alice in Wonderland. I wanted to cosplay an other character but it was not finished in time xDD 
              first dumb selfie for the day ╰( ・ ᗜ ・ )╯                   Angelas Fan Page
and already saw some awesome cosplayers while standing in the queue
killing some time in the queue by making stupid selfies xD
fancy Tokyo Ghoul group <33
Asaliachan as Hide 
              Haikyuu Group marine style <33                    Star Wars Group ╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑ "
                                Sai as Sugawara <3         
         Black Hot Dog, the only real Hot Dog \m/         Bubble Tea <333 omg we only have one
I tried it too without the sausage, just the bread        store in Switzerland and it's really far
        It's made with carbon but didn't taste weird        away from my place so we had to enjoy
We were looking for this in Japan but didn't find        this glory oppurtunity hahaa
               it but here... I'm like: c'mon srsly xDD
Dimension W Cosplay, the anime is awesome!!
SandstormCosplay as Mira and Jan as Kyoma
                              Benny as Link (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و                      Jiraiya the pervert hahaaو
                     Watamote! she was awesome!          Muten Fucking Roshi, my ass this is perfect!
             The anime is quite crazy but so funny
                                                                                             with a friends tattoo
                                Bioshock!!                                     Digimon! Childhood memoeries 
                      you know nothing John Snow!!                     Nonon from Kill la Kill
Ko-KIRAKU show was amazing
very authentic

Later there was a Sumo show. The host explained the rules in sumo and we saw how they warm up. Then they fought and later volunteers from the crowd could participate as well
Our friend David really wanted to and also got choosen xD
It was just too great
Give his Instagram Account a look!

                     Ganondorf female version                            League of Legends
                              fucking great!!!
Friend of me as Princess Peach xDDD
        Pyramide Head and Melanie as Nurse             Tashigi and Smoker from One Piece
                          from Silent Hill <33     
Can't recognize them T____T please help
but still looking great
Great Mr. Richardo in NEET uniform ✧٩(•́⌄•́๑)
Co-founder of Swiss Fappers
Sweetest Shiemi of all time!! from Ao no Exorcist
Mumei from Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress
new anime is really great!!
Yu Gi Oh Tournament xD took ages
Miku Hatsune Game, oh lord some were really able to get a clear stage in extreme or hard mode and I'm here like I don't even get it on easy mode xDDD
The others were tired quite early so we went back to the hotel and took a night selfie xDD

For the ones who stayed up longer, Ram Rider a DJ from Tokyo put on his nerd rave music!!
I'm sure I would have enjoyed this but at least David made some movies of it

who says geeks can't party xD

On the next day Angela played Cloe Price from Life is Strange and I did Arale from Dr. Slump 
                                       epic car selfie xD
Angela and Felix playing Donkey Kong xD

oldschool Dead or Alive
oldschool consoles <33
Noragami Cosplay
Yato and Yukine <333
Deadman Wonderland Cosplay
Shiro and Mockingbird
         Felix got a new hat                               Highschool Host Club Twins xD
gotta catch 'em all
Soul Eater
Liz and Patty

                           Chibi Squad xD                               Felix and me learned how to play Go        
                        Krissy as Umaru chan                                     really great game
                Goddamnit xD I used to play this           there was a little shop called Yakitori
                   so much as a child xD                were you could chose a logo and something to wear
                                                                         like a shirt or a backpack and then they print it
                                                                            right there and you can get it in about 15 min
                                                                        I wanted this backback with the Sumo Chicken xDD
on our way back we were eating at Cindy's Diner 
a typical American diner in 50s style

Sadly JAN is over now... I always get a bit emotional after conventions. Meeting so many nice people and experience so much and then suddenly you are back home, it feels weird sometimes xD But I'm already looking foreward for the next JAN, can't wait for it
I really enjoyed this time 
Bye Bye

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