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Japan Travel / Hiroshima / Okunoshima "Rabbit Island"

I said a hop hop, hoppie to the hoppie, the hop, hop a hop, and you don't stop, a rock it to the hop hop boogie!!!

、., ⌒ 、., ⌒ 、., ⌒ 、., ⌒ 、., ⌒ 、., ⌒/(・ x ・)\

 ̄(=⌒x⌒=) ̄ Hope you guys had a wonderful easter  ̄(=⌒x⌒=) ̄

Next Destination: a tiny island near Hiroshima called Okonoshima, a bunny island. It's famous not for it's shape but for the many cute bunnies on it! The reason for this is not quite clear. Back in WW II the island was used to produce poisoenous gas, so the rabbits got brought to the island to get tested for the efficiency of the gas and after the war the rabits were freed. Second possibility is that some rabbits got released on the island by some elementary school kids and reproduced quickly. Probably it's a combination of the two possibilities. Neveretheless I think it's nowadays such a relaxing and quiet place to visit. It makes it even more peaceful when you experience how lively this island is despite its dark past.

We took an early Shikansen from Kyoto to Mihara which took less than 2 hours. And then we changed to a smaller train to Tadanoumi station. From there on we took the ferry to the island. The ferry is not covered by Japan Rail Pass but it's quite cheap. About ¥600 (5 USD) for return. The ferry shedule and the one for the Kuro Line to Tadanoumi you can find if you go on reading further xD

I would recommend to buy some rabbit food in advance especially if you want to feed them with vegetables. At the ferry station you can buy some food to but only grains and on the island itself there's no store. So we bought some carrots and salad in Mihara. 

We travelled with small suitcases, on the island there are a few lockers but they were to small for them so we just let them next to a vending machine in a small hut and everything was fine when we came back xD Rabbit security U( ÒÓ)U

When arriving in Tadanoumi

As you can see the Kuro Line does not drive quite often so plan your arriving and leaving well

Ferry shedule
Map of Okonushima, it's bigger than I thought xD

It was a bit rainy so we were afraid that all the rabbits hide but fortunately it was nothing like this. We could see them already on the ferry and when we arrived they came fast. There is a little bus which always waits when the ferry arrives and drives to the hotel on the island. The bus also drives from the hotel back to the port before the ferry leaves. So we took the bus and from there we walked around and enjoyed the fluffy rabbit love /(=✪ x ✪=)\

Laura with the rabbits <3

  Angela and Laura sunken in bunny feeding xD
Vanessa almost covered in rabbits xD

Look at my grinning face xD it was heaven on earth for me
This tiny tiny little one we called "Chisai" which means little xD yes how creative, but it was way too cute / (⁎˃ᆺ˂)\
Tamara took many great pictures of the rabbits!
After we feed them forever they got tired and took a rest

There are many tiny holes in the ground where the rabbits fit in perfecty xDD
If you want some overwiev of the island there is a path which leads to the top.
We hiked all up ( it didn't took long) and enjoyed the great view!  

Jessica and me

At the end I also wanted to visit the poison gas store house. It's quite near to the port just in the other direction than the bus took.

So impressing! To imagine what happened here some time ago

Bunny of the glasses xD ⌒(,,๏ ⋏ ๏,,)⌒

On the ferry back to Tadanoumi. 
To sum up my experience: I want to defintely visit Okunoshima again! It's just too charming.
A must see when you like animals and are near Hiroshima 

Now we went to our hostel in Hiroshima and rested for the next day
Next trip to Atomic Bomb Dome and Hiroshima Castle and also to Miyajima Island! 


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