Thursday, March 12, 2015

Tokyo Ghoul Cosplay Music Video

バァー urameshiya “( ´థ,_‥`)”

As I mentioned in the previous post I´m going to show you our cosplay music video.
Almost all scenes were filmed in Beelitz sanatorium and only a few in Hohenlychen.
More information about these two places are in the previous posts.
Since the band Rammstein also filmed one of their music videos with the song "Mein Herz brennt" in Beelitz we wanted to do the same. Especially Angela is a huge fan of them. The song and the video inspired her quite much and so she wrote the storyboard for our video.
Attention, our video isn´t a parody or something like that, it´s just our interpretation of the song paired with the story of Tokyo Ghoul. And we had lots of fun playing our ideas out.

Angela who not only played Kaneki and Touka from Tokyo Ghoul also edited the video.
She´s really talented! Check out her youtube channel and her fb fan page
Tamara filmed all the scenes, she´s got the right touch for filming and taking pictures!
And yeah I only played Rize xD

Have fun watching it! There are also english subtitles available.
Please enjoy it in hd and in a bigger screen than that square xD
And don´t miss the outtakes at the end xD
The original Rammstein music video you can find further below ;)

Arigatou ne for watching ^____^
Next post will be about our Danganronpa cosplay shooting :)


  1. *gnaaaah* so much wow *_* You two did a very great job! You freezed your asses off and you don't see it in the video nor the pictures *thumbs up*

    1. ohh stop it you ・:*:・(*/////∇/////*)・:*:・
      hahaha but thank you so much!
      I´m still quite suprised that I didn´t got ill after all xD