Monday, March 30, 2015

Danganronpa Cosplay Shooting

                  “Let's give it all we've got!                          IT'S... PUNISHMENT TIME!”  

-Monokuma ←~(o `▽´ )oΨ

Some time ago one of Angelas fellow workers Philipp who is also a great hobby photographer took a few pictures in our Danganronpa cosplay of us. He organized a little studio and it was quite fun. I really like the outcome! Angela played Junko Enoshima and I did Celestia Ludenberg. Unfortunately my Celestia wig isn´t the best, I have to do one at my own -.-´´
Visit Philipps fb fan page 
I think he really did a great job here!
And god look at Angela! On the one hand she can transform into the sexiest most masculine handsome men and on the other hand she can also cosplay the sexiest feminine girly women!
It´s incredible give her fb fan page a like

“Friendship is measured by how long you can stand the silence
when you're alone with someone else.” - Monokuma

           “Yoohoo! My name's Junko Enoshima!                        “Delighted to meet you.
                              Great to meet you!”                              My name is Celestia Ludenberg.”

                                    “And while we’re at it, we should find whoever  
                             controlling that stuffed toy and give him a good beating.” - Mukuro Ikusaba

Hifumi fetch me some tea!!!
“Oh, Hifumi... such an easy mark... Ehehe, it's like he was born to be deceived.”
 - Celestia Ludenberg

“Are you talking about my magazine cover shots? Isn't it natural? They were modified by the editors, of course! Photoshopped, y'know? You've never heard of image editing? Hey, don't be so surprised - everyone is doing it. It's not like they had to do heavy modification in my case... These days, editing the photos in a magazine is just the way things are done! They're always making her eyes so big and her skin so ceramic, after all!” - Mukuro Ikusaba

“Oh, um... I'm the mastermind.” - Junko Enoshima

“Sorry, it took me a little while to put on my makeup today!” - Junko

“I value human life less than a shard of a broken poker chip. I was simply doing whatever it took to win.” - Celestia

“Regrettably... My dream has been shattered like a falling teacup. But I have no regrets. This is simply the result of me fighting for my dream until the very end.” - Celestia

“Everyone's birthplace and upbringing is different. It's obviously impossible for them to understand each other.” - Monokuma

“The power of love, however twisted that love may be, is a corrupting force.”
 - Celestia

“To me, despair isn't goal or a cause or a way of life or an instinct... It's what defines me as Junko Enoshima! The most important thing is that I was made that way! That's how I can devote myself purely to pursuing despair!” - Junko

“Goodness me... A professional liar? It was hardly anything extraordinary, I assure you.”
- Celestia

“I'm rather proud of my ability to tell lies. I can trick not only others, but even my own heart.”
- Celestia

“Ehehe... Isn't it amazing how differences in morals can make a conversation so awkward?”
- Celestia 

“No, I am not afraid. So, please, kill me as many times as you'd like. However, should I ever be reborn... surely, I will reborn as... Marie Antoinette.” - Celestia

“Distrusting your friend is much more shameful than being betrayed by that friend, you know.” - Monokuma

“There are only two types of luck-- good and bad. There is no in-beetwen. And that luck is built into every human at the moment of conception. Like a computer program. Some call it fate. The bottom line is, luck is life.” - Celestia

“Would you like to play a game of chance with me? I would be happy to empty your wallet and show it to you.” - Celestia

I hope you enjoyed the pics and had fun reading the quotes. Reading quotes of the character I cosplay really helps me to switch into the personality more! It's like reading a little piece of my own mind because you always have something in common with the character you play :D
Stay tuned (✪㉨✪)

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