Monday, March 2, 2015

Beelitz Sanatorium / Berlin / Tokyo Ghoul Cosplay


Hyuh doro-doro!!!  (⊙◞౪◟⊙)

Third and last part of our Berlin shooting trip :O
This time we went to the sanatorium called Beelitz, it´s like a own tiny town with several buildings. We spent about five hours in the men´s wing and had to pay 50 € for entry.
More information here
Beelitz is about one hour away from Berlin with public transport.
All pictures are taken by the very talented Tamara as MissBenu Photography 
with her Nikon D5100 35mm
 Cool Angela as Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul as JuubeiChan
And me as Rize Kamishiro also from Tokyo Ghoul 
Like the sanatorium in Hohenlychen, Beelitz is also a very haunting place!
We also filmed some scenes here for a cosplay video, this I will show you in the next post :D
Maybe you know the band Rammstein, they shot one of their musicvideos in Beelitz so we thought why not do the same with the same song :P
But first some pictures
                                                             Angela with her fancy sclera lenses :O
I absolutely love this place! It´s so creepy


 In one builiding there was a photographer from the series Tatort.
He even let us use his equipment! Sooo nice
In one room they placed an old piano. Normally it´s not there.
Luckily we had the chance to use it for pictures :O

 In the famous big bath tube xD

Angela did this mask all by her self ^O^


Some pictures of the place itself.
The endless corridors I prefer the most

As I mentioned previously the next post is about the cosplay video we shot in Beelitz
Look foreward to it :D

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