Saturday, February 21, 2015

Hohenlychen Sanatorium / Berlin / Horror Shooting



Second day of our Berlin shooting tour was in the sanatorium for kids in Hohenlychen :D
It was so awesome the atmosphere and feeling in this lost broken but yet so beautiful place!
I love supernatural things and I´m also superstitious haha so this place was perfect for me.
The long empty hallways kind of reminded me of the horror movie Grave Encounters, if you don´t know it you have to check it out! Hohenlychen is about 2 hours by train away from Berlin. We spent 5 hours there and had to pay 40 € for entry. More information here
As usual
All pictures are taken and edited by the talented Tamara as MissBenu Photography 
with her Nikon D5100 35mm
 Beautiful Angela as Touka Kirishima from Tokyo Ghoul as JuubeiChan
And me as some kind of Alice Madness Returns ;)
Have fun marvelling at this wonderful place and getting lost in a different world ^__^





we all need a little fun xD
#InstargramFilter haha

old bath house *__*

 I love this corridor :O

epic blurred selfie with the reflex camera
Angela, Tamara and me
My god it was so cold. Angela and I almost freezed with only our skirts xD
But it was absolutely worth it!
Next will be the Sanatorium Beelitz ( ⌒⃘ ◞⊖◟ ⌒⃘ )

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