Thursday, February 12, 2015

Fountain of Fairy Tales / Berlin / Shingeki no Kyojin Cosplay

Hello minna (^=^)

 I hope you all spent a wonderfull christmas time and had a happy new year!
I spent christmas in Borneo, Malaysia with my family and new years eve in Bali, Indonesia. Altogether I was away for three weeks and my god it was such a great time I can´t find proper words for it. I had quite a hard time to adjust myself to my usual life back here in Switzerland hahah The weather, people and food were great like in a complete different world.
But I think now after few weeks had passed by I settled myself quite well.
Maybe I´ll post some pics of Indoesia and Malaysia later but first of all some pictures of Berlin from last year.
Last October Tamara, Angela and I went to Berlin in Germany for some shootings. The first of them took place at the Fountain of Fairy Tales. There Angela cosplayed Eren Jaeger and I did Mikasa Ackerman form Attack on Titan.
All pictures are taken and edited by Tamara as MissBenu Photography
Fan page of Angela: JuubeiChan


Even this was our first shooting there it was exhausting xD It was quite cold and I have to admit that this cosplay is also very tedious all the belts and stuff hahah
But I like the pictures and the place is very beautiful!
Next will be a horror shooting in a sanatorium *____*

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