Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tokyo Ghoul Cosplay

Konnichiwa *___*

A while ago I was at a little cosplay meeting in Germany near the border to Switzerland. It took place next to the Lake Constance. It was quite cold but still funny xD Angela cosplayed Kaneki with white hair and I cosplayed Touka. Both from Tokyo Ghoul.
If you don´t know Tokyo Ghoul, I would recommend you to read or watch it.
I like the Manga more, especially in the beginning but the Anime is still very good.
We met a german photographer called Eiri Kun who took a few pictures of us and even edited them! She was really skilled! Click here for her Facebook fan page.

Me as Touka.
Eiri Kun edited the claws. I think it looks amazing!

This picture of me was taken by Angela and edited by myself xD

I think Angela looks incredible as Kaneki.
Click here for her Facebook fan page

Next I´m gonna cosplay Rize :)
Look foreward to it

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