Monday, November 10, 2014

JapAnimanga Night 2014

Cosplay Tiiime *_____*
JAN 2014

Every year in May there is a relatively big convention in Winterthur here in Switzerland called JapAnimanga Night short JAN. 
There were about 2000 visitors this year and every year it gets bigger and bigger xD
It takes place on two days on a weekend .There are several workshops for cooking japanese and writing Kanji ect and also contests for cosplays and games and a big hall for merchandise. 

In this year I went as Mikasa from Attack on Titan and on the second day as Celestia from Danganronpa. It was really funny. I'd like to show you some pictures I took to give you some idea of the event.

                                    Mikasa                                                          Celestia

First Day

Best couple ever!!!

Attack on Titan 

Vocaloid and Elsa from Frozen

Trunks from Drgaon Ball Z

Junko and Monobear from Danganronpa

Nagisa from Free

Daenerys from Game of Thrones

Pokemon, come catch ´em all hahah

Arctos from Pokemon

CC from Codegeass

Rin Alibaba version from Free!

Me with Mario xD

Yuna from Final Fantasy X

Me with Pedobear xD

Concert by the japanese band Polta. They were great

Second Day

Angela and me on our way to JAN as Junko and Celestia from Danganronpa.

With Polta.

                                                                                          Hahaha making a mess xD

Me with Monobear

So many Monobears hahaha

Princess Jasmine from Aladin

Chi from Chobits

Hahahah Pokemon Ninja xD

Wall of death hahaa

Female Zorro, Ruffy & Sanji

Another Elsa from Frozen

Sadly I don't know the names of all characters xDD But I hope you still had some fun looking at them haha

Ahh gosh I'm so looking foreward for the next JAN in 2015. Next time it will be even bigger because they found a bigger location in Davos *___*
 If you live in Switzerland or near by you have to come too!!

See ya there *chu chu*

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