Monday, October 27, 2014

Green Ombre Hair

Konbanwa minna-san ^=^

When I was in Japan I bought the EGG magazine. You probably know it as one of the famous gyaru magazines out there. I saw this cute model with green ombre hair and thought why not to make it on my hair as well xD I wanted to change my hair color anyway.  

On this edition of EGG I found the pictures.

God damn it, she is so perfect!
I asked one of my best friends (Anie) to help me dying my hair.
She had to bleach it two times! My hair is very stubborn xD
She bleached it with bleaching powder and developer so kinda the hard stuff for bleaching haha T___T
Afterwards she colored the bleached tips with Directions in color apple green.
I really like this brand and color.
It doesn´t damage your hair much but for a vibrant color you have to repeat it every two to three weeks.
But I did it only every second month beacause I liked it how it looked when the color has washed out xD Btw everytime I had a shower the water got really green haha was kinda funny

Result just after dying. Anie made this waves with a wave iron.

Some pictures I took later with more straight hair

Now the color has completely vanished because after some time I stoped to redye it.
When I first went to university with my new hair color everybody was starring at me xD But I think this is quite normal. After some time I got used to it and I started to really like my hair.
I miss it sometimes and want it back xD But I´m not sure what to do with my hair next. I think of cutting it short maybe xD I´ll see

Hope this has encouraged some of you to dye your hair in a crazy color xD Be who you want to be

chu chu :*


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