Tuesday, February 11, 2014

4th Day in Tokyo / Kamakura


Hello my beauties *__*

On our 4th day in Tokyo, we decided to vistit Kamakura. You may know the anime Elfenlied. 
Kamakura is the place where Elfenlied is playing. Yes correct Elfenlied plays in a real, existing town!!! Since we are great Elfenlied fans we had to visit its place :)
At the bottom of this post I'll show you some comparisons between anime and reality

Our journey started in Asakusa as usual.

We took the metro and some trains to the station Gokurakuji.
If you are also interested to go there, that's the station where you have to leave the train.

This little stream also appears in Elfenlied


I just love the little houses, they're so lovely.

Yes those stairs should look familiar to you.

Little temple in Kamakura

This graveyard also appears in Elfenlied.

Beach in Kamakura.
I heard some rumors about the beaches in Japan, that they arent't clean ect. 
But i'ts absolurely not true! It was wonderful
But you aren't allowed to go deep in the water to swim.

Traffic jam
I just had to take a picture of this cute sign xD

You can't imagine how helpful people in Japan are. We asked a men where the beach is. He not only explained us the way he even accompanied us! Later he even came back to us and asked if he could help more. And not in the creepy annoying way, he really wanted to help us. It was so nice!

Our train back home xD

I collected these shells on the beach and took them home.
Now they are next to my bed in Switzerland xD

Tsunami warning, was kind of scary

Now the comparisons between Elfenlied and how it really was in Kapamakura.
I think it's amazing how equal it looks! Of course the sakura blossoms are missing in reality but everything else looks very alike. It's stunning.

At the end of the day I grant myself some vegeterian sushi, it was delicious :)

Hope you liked this post and are now also interested to go to Kamakura ;)

See you in my next post

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