Thursday, May 22, 2014

13th Day in Tokyo / Tokyo Tower

OMG last day in Tokyo T__T

Since this was our last day we definitely had to go to the famous Tokyo Tower.
It´s like the Eiffel Tower from Paris in France but c´mon it´s in Tokyo hahaha,
There are about three floors and every floor has its own price.
We only went to the 2nd floor because on the 3rd there´s only a restaurant and it was quite expensive T__T But the 2nd is fairly enough to have a wonderful view :)

This mushroom was eveywehre xDD

 We also did some Purikura on our last day T__T

Wish signs, you can buy such a heart and write a wish on it

Not my words but I just had to take a picture
It´s so lovely! I hope this will come true for this person.

The view was soo amazing!!!

Last picture of our beloved temple in Asakusa when we were heading to the airport 

My god we were so sad, we didn´t want to go home.
The time in Tokyo was one of my best time ever. Even now one year later I miss it so much and I want to go back so badly. Eveything was just so great. I love the japanese fashion, here in Switzeland clothes are boring! And all people in Japan were so helpful and nice. The food was amazing...gaaahhh

So that´s it, I told you about every day and showed you almost all pictures I took xD

Next I will post the most important things to know before going to Tokyo, I hope this will help some of you


Matanee *chu chu*

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