Tuesday, May 6, 2014

12th Day in Tokyo / Nakano + Shibuya / Eating Okonomiyaki

Second but last day in Tokyo O___O

This day was kind of messy, first we were in Nakano.
Nakanao is like Akihabara a great place for Otakus.
Later we went to Shibuya with our japanese friend to eat Okonomiyaki ;)

Those Dojinshis we found in Nakano in the store Mandrake haha
We didn´t actually buy them but it was just too funny

Look which dress we found in Shibuya. Of course in Bodyline.
It´s the same dress as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu wears in her videoclip Ponponpon
But we didn´t buy it.

But we bought these school uniforms in Bodyline.
I know my bow is the wrong way around ;(
In the evening we ate some Okonomiyaka near Shibuya 109.
It´s super delicious. The cook just makes you a bowl with all the ingredients in it and you just have to roast it on your own.

The famous cross in Shibuya, so many people are passing there by.
But nobody clashes in you, it´s like everybody knows just exactly where to walk xD it´s amazing

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