Tuesday, April 29, 2014

11th Day in Tokyo / Odaiba & Onsen

Konichiwa *__*

Soon my posts about Japan are finished xD 
On this day we visited Odaiba. We always wanted to go to an onsen (hot water springs where you can take a bath in). And in Odaiba there was a big one. On the bottom of this post I will tell you some information and rules about the onsen. 

It's like San Francisco and New York were on the same place haha
Golden Gate Brigde and Statue of Liberty in Tokyo, just great

 You may know this building from the anime Digimon

 We spent the day chilling on the beach. It was really hot and you are also not allowed to swim like in Kamakura. But it was still very nice :)

We met some nice girls on the beach <3

We even saw a huge jellyfish but it was already dead ;(

The famous Gundam of Odaiba.
It's near the train station

Haha look in Japan even shit looks cute xDD

The famous rainbow bridge of Odaiba, hahah but stupid me took the picture when it was only white -.-

We found this Toppo in Odaiba, it's now our friend xD
Laura still have him at home

Now let's talk about the onsen, sadly I couldn't take any pictures of it.
In the onsen you are supposed to be naked (only in the bath), men and women are seperated
You get a yukata to walk around, when you are not in the bath

There was a basin with special fishes in there. We put our feet in and the fishes ate our dead skin.
It was really funny. When you take out your feet they even jump up to reach your feet haha
afterwards our skin was so soft you can't imagine! 

Only 2 days are left T__T

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