Friday, April 25, 2014

10th Day in Tokyo / Shibuya & Butlers Cafe

Hii again minna-san .__.

We got to know a japanese girl *__* she was so nice, we spent some time with her.
She showed us some places and we decided to go to a Butlers Cafe all together haha
Even for her it was the first time in a Butlers Cafe

But first Angela, Laura and I went to Harajuku in the shopping centre Laforet.
We found these guys there haha it was so funny I just had to take pictures xD

In the evening we finally went to the Butlers Cafe. It´s near Shibuya 109.
It was really special, we went in and some other girls were there as well. They ordered some Disney Drinks. If you do so, the butlers will come and perform the story you've chosen. The girl picked the Cinderalla story. So one butler came with a glass shoe, the light got off and the show started it was really funny.
Then one butler explained the rules to us. If we want anything we have to ring the bell and they will allways call us princess and if you want to go to the toilet you have to take your butlers hand and he will escort you to the toilets xD
Their english was very good, one even came from Australia and the other from France!

This cake was delicious!

 and so was the drink

Me with my butler Kaz. He was so friendly.
As in the Maid Cafe, you have to pay extra for such pictures.

In Shibuya we also made some Purikuras
And Kaz was so nice he even wrote a little text on the back of our picture ;)

It was such a great day
I couldn't stop grinning in the Butlers Cafe, it was so nice *__*

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