Friday, March 21, 2014

7th & 8th Day in Tokyo / Akihabara & Maid Cafe

Hii Guys ^==^

 Since we are big Anime/Manga fans we had to vistit Akihabara. 
It was like paradise, so much merchandise. In the shop Mandarake we bought many Yaoi Dojinishis xD Sadly I didn't take much photos beacause most of the time I was just so out of my mind, all these impressions were too much hahaha

Akihabara on top of a building

We also visited a maid cafe in Akihabara. It was called @Home Maid Cafe. 
On the 7th floor there were even maids who could understand english. 
We had a great time there, our maid was so cute, you can see her on the pictures. 
There were a lot of special people in there. Many men dressed as women ect.
You have to pay extra if you want to take a picture with your maid and you can also choose some accessoires like animal ears xD 
When we were sitting on our table a man wanted a picture with his maid. He sit on the floor and took on a mouth gag!! and she was holding him on a cord and smiling cute! I was like what the hell is going on xD but they were acting like it is the most common thing to do! This scene was very perverted but also very cute because of the maid....very confusing hahaha

 We saw this building and tought omg cosplay to buy, we ran in and wanted to buy everything.
As soon as we were in, we realised it wasn't about cosplay. It was some kind of erotic store XD
Loud moaning and pornos on screen everywhere!
We went all floors up to god I saw things I can't believe they're real xD

 This costumes we bought the last day in Harajuku in the shop Bodyline.

The next day we went to Shibuya 109. 
On the top floor there was a hair dresser and we wanted to cut our hair

 That's the result We were really happy with it, they did a great job.
They way they cut the hair is different from how they do it in Europe, I don't know how to explain
You have to experience it

 Haha I really wanted to buy these just for fun, but I didn't T__T


Matanee :)

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