Wednesday, March 5, 2014

5th & 6th Day In Tokyo / Harajuku & wearing Yukatas

Konbanwa minna ^___^
The next day we spent shopping in Harajuku and buying Yukatas.
It was really funny <3

  On our way to Harajuku this sign gave me chills xD haha I coudn't stop laughing

  So much people on Harajukus street

  Bubble Tea in Harajuku <3

We met a seller in Harajuku, he could even speak a bit german. He was amazing and so funny.
He took this pictute of us ;)

In Harajuku we went in the Store "Tokyo 360 View" to try some Yukatas and Kimonos.
 Lovely Laura tried a violet one.

 Cute Angela tried this black one.

 And I wanted to try this pink one.

 I don't know but this opening hours on this door confused me xD
Anyone know the meaning of this?

 Silly me had to take selfies on the toilet xDD


 This is the actual yukata I bought in Harajuku.
It cost about 35€ / 50 USD
So, very cheap!!

After Harajuku we decided to go back to Asakusa and wear our new yukatas around the temple ;)

Random cosplayers we met in Asakusa.
They were great!

At the temple in Asakusa we met some girls which wanted to take pictures with us
 they were super cute *__* 

 In the evening we visited a Karaoke Bar 
haha my name besides all these japanese names

My god we spent half of the time we had with finding out how the equipment worked xD haha
 It was really difficult but funny ;)

See you next time ;)

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