Saturday, September 14, 2013

3rd Day in Tokyo / Ueno Parc

Okaerinasai  (=^-ω-^=)

Welcome back ;) After hardcore shopping yesterday we decided to spend the next day more calm and without spending so much money xDD So Ueno Parc was our next destination.
On our way to Ueno we stoped in a shopping centre with these gambling machines xD they're so cute and Angela even won two Pichu plush toys xD

 This gam is so funny
You have to drum in the right beat
 Next we bought a Shingeki no Kyojin magazine and the first manga of it.
At the moment Attack on Titan is my favourite anime and manga <333

 Omg finally we found them in Japan!!! I wanted them so badly
I saw the commercial watch it here
hahaha so funny and they taste good as well xD

So finally we arrived in Ueno Parc
and oh my god it's just so beautiful! and so big :o
everybody who says there's not much green in Tokyo has no idea of how many big parcs exist there!





You can wash your hands here. It's really refreshing


These birds always have their beak wide open.
Looks so funny xDD 


Because doors are too mainstream and not needed for toilets xDD

After spending almost the whole day in the parc we went in a big anime shop in Ueno before heading home.
There were like 6 floors xD 

My god kamasutra Pandas xDD

 Me with a Chopper hat xDD

*facepalm* hahaha
Cloud omg I'm dying xD
Going Marry Ship from One Piece

I absolutely love Kingdom Hearts <3

Next post will be about Kamakura
The village where the anime Elfenlied is playing!
Don't miss it

Mata itsuka ne ^=^

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