Monday, September 9, 2013

2nd Day in Tokyo / Shibuya

Yokoso ^__^

On the second day in Tokyo we decided to visit Shibuya, especially the famous Shibuya 109 shopping centre. We wanted to go shopping so badly xD

On our way to Shibuya.
Me, Angela and Laura

 In Asakusa was some kind of festival.

 Hachiko Statue in Shibuya <3

 Higurashi advertising in Shibuya

 Blood Lad advertising in Shibuya

 The machines to buy tickets for the metro.
It's a bit complicated because the map above is in Japanese.
So I recommend everyone to buy a Pasmo Card 
You can charge money on this card and don't need to check the prise for your route. It's really confortable

 First Host Club we've seen xD

 So many floors for shopping in Shibuya 109

 Shibuya 109. where shopping dreams come true xD

 We spent like 6 hours in it, so when we went out it already was dark xDD


 We were shopping like madmen. Never in my life before I was shopping like this.
Maybe it's because of my height, which in perfect in Japan xDD

So we left Shibuya and went home. We also took some pictures of Asakusa by night and the lovely Sensoji Temple. I miss it so much ;(



Finally back in Sakura Hostel we tried all our clothes on.
Sometimes you aren't allowed to try them on. And if you want to buy something you don't just take the one off the shelf you always get it new in package. This was really special for us. 

 Chaos Tokyo Shirt from Glad News
Skirt from M in the lowest floor in Shibuya 109

                                                                Skirt also from M

                      Striped and Meow Shirt both from Spinns in the supreme floor in Shibuya 109                                              
                            Shirt from Heaven and Earth                  Dress from Emsexcite

                                                                                           Shoes from Spinns

Next post is about Ueno Parc
Don't miss it ;))
Bye Bye

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