Tuesday, August 27, 2013

First Day In Tokyo / Asakusa

Konnichiwa ^__^

Our time in Tokyo is already over ;( My god it was such a wonderful time I can't find proper words to describe how awesome this vocation were, how nice the people were and how lovely the country was. Maybe pictures can make a better impression xD I took about 600 pictures in 2 weeks xDD
So I'm gonna divine the big Tokyo post in several "little" posts. 

We flight with Aeroflot a Russian airline. First I was a bit afraid because the flight was really cheap. But afterall I was really content with the airline. We took off in Zurich and had to change the plane once in Moscow. All in all took about 12 hours. It was better than I thought it would be ;)

We arrived in Narita Airport. Gosh we were so happy that we finally arrived our beloved destiny xD Moreover this lovely sign welcomed us. We still couldn't belive that we are now in Tokyo. It was like in a dream, so wonderful <33

Tokyo was really hot and humid, so we bought some cute drinks at the airport.
In Japan everything is just so nice and sweet <3 I really miss that.

Our ticket from Narita Airport to Ueno. It took about one hour and only cost 10$ or 8€.
We drived with the Keisei Skiliner Line. The journey was so lovely. The fields and the little villages. Everything just looked like in the Mangas xD

In Ueno we chaned train and went to toilet. Serioulsy this toilet overstrained me xD You can play music and regulate the speed of the water ect ect xDD I had long to get how to sputter xDD

Next stop was Asakusa were our hostel was. We slept in the Sakura Hostel.
It was really nice.

Eyeriday was so hot and sunny. I really enjoyed that. But first we had to acclimatisize xD

Fun Park next to our hostel. It was oldfashioned but also charming ;)

In Asakusa were many of these famous drink machines and we got very excited when we saw Neon Genesis Evangelion and Dragon Ball in it xD

Angela bought a Goku Drink xDD
so cute <3

After we arrived in Sakura Hostel in Askausa we wanted to visit the Senjoji Temple next to our hostel. We already went trough the Temple when we arrived at the station and went to our hostel but we wanted to go back, take time to admire everything xD

Haha this mask xD I wanted it so badly xD

Angela bought the mask from the Death Note real movie. The mask which L is wearing!

In the evening we went in one of these amusement halls with slot machines.
My god it was so loud inside. We couldn't stand this more than 2 minutes xDD

So this was only the first out of 13 days xDD
Look foreword for the other days ^___^

Matanee :)

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