Friday, May 17, 2013

Japan Anime Manga Night 2013!!

HEYYOO ^___^

Gomen gomen goomen gomenasaiii for not posting that long T___T  I had problems with uploading pictures  but now finally I could fix them xDD next week I'll have my final exams, so I'm very busy with studying and all this crap -.- wish me luck guys xD

For the third time I went to the fabulous and wonderful Japan Anime Manga Night in Winterthur. One of the biggest Anime, Manga, Cosplay, Japan-stuff conventions in Switzerland. So if you live in Switzerland but were never there, you seriously missing out! Like always I was accompanied by some fucking awesome friends xD Aaand yeah of course we cosplayed as well. The first day Angela and I went as Dante and Kat from Devil May Cry 5. Seriously very hot game - you should game it!! 

So now I keep my mouth shut and show you some pictures of us xD

 some ego shoots in the train xD

    Angela as Dante                                                                                       Me as Kat

 Picture taken on the cosplay catwalk^^

Pictures taken from Azure Art

Greenscreen is fucking awesome to edit xD

And now some pictures from several cosplayers. Honestly all cosplays were pretty awesome and I would like to shoot more pictures of them all.

                       So beautiful!!                                                 Mincraft xDD fucking epic xD

                          Tifa from Final Fantasy 7                               2 Dantes xD                                  

                         Black Rock Shooter <3                              Asuna from Sword Art Online      

                        Nauto meets Bleach                                   2 Ichigos from Bleach

                     I can't hardly believe this!! This are                    soo kawaii!!
                     chocoballs form a japanese comercial!!
                     watch it here ... too funny xD

 Krauser from Detroit Metal City! Too awesome xD

                      League of Legends!                                    Lolita ^___^

 uhh la la sexxeyy xDD

                   Vocaloid, pretty awesome                             Best Ace from One Piece

 Epic One Piece group

                    Lucy and Sora <3                                          Shiro from Deadmen Wonderland. Loove it!

                   Chopper and Eucliwood Hellscythe <3               Shippo from Inuyasha <3

                   Fucking best Maes Hughes cosplay ever  Melon Pan whips Mizore Shirayuki (male) hahaha

                                Link                                                 Ed and Al from Fullmetal Alchemist!!

Great Fullmetal Alchemist group

3 Ichigos xDD

On the second day Angela cosplayed Ranma-Chan, Machell cosplayed Akane and I cosplayed Shampoo from Ranma 1/2. We took some funny pictures

Genma is always beaten up by Happosai xDD We are ashamed...
Left: Angela Middle: me and Right: Machell

Akane is angry xDDD But I only wantet to kiss Ranma T__T

Shampoo and her beloved Mousse xD

            I loove my fucking awesome parasol xD and my shoes <333

 Kamehameha xDD My gosh it was so hard to jump with this shoes xDD

 ohh we are so beautiful xDD

 again some pictures from Azure Art

 Like always Happosai with his stolen bra -.- shame on you!! xD and P-Chan <3

So that's pretty it xD Hope you enjoyed watching this shit and you could laugh a bit xD
I think Machell, Angela and I will make better Cosplay pictures of Ranma 1/2 and Devil May Cry 5 on a special location^^ But first of all I have to pass my exams -.- pray for me xD

And yeahh by the way... I'll go to Tokyo!!!!!!!!!
With Angela and Laura!!
From the 8th to the 22th of July 2013!!
So don't miss my posts about going to Japan!!

See ya guys, hope you all do well :*

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