Friday, December 7, 2012

Cosplay Shooting

Hellloooooooooooooooooooooooooo ^___^

A few weeks ago Angi and I cosplayed for a shooting. A friend of mine who really take good pictures made some photos of us. We took all of our costumes with us and drived to the Sulserareal in Winterthur. This is an old engine works. So there we could made special pictures :D We absolutely fell in love with this location <3 

First of all Angi cosplayed as Staz form Blood Lad and then we cosplayed Hakufu and Kanu from Ikki Tousen. We climbed around in the engine works even if it was prohibited and it was dangerous too T___T xDD But most important it was really fun ^_^

So now enough talk, let's show some pictures^^

 Angela as Staz *epic*

 Too dangerous T__T


 Me just cosplaing a random girl xDD with Staz

*arrrr" xD

Now Ikki Tousen Cosplay :S

 oh la la xDD

 haha holy shit


 Love this picture <33
 posing xD
 me looking stoned xDD
 Hakufu grabs Kanu's boobs o.O xD

Dragon Ball imitation xDD

haha omg we had so much fun together <3
Hope you had some too when watching these pictures xDD

See you soon
Byee Byee



  1. Ah... THAT LOCATION IS JUST LOVE! I wish there was some old-spooky-abandoned-ghost-hounted factory! I would totaly go for KHR or Ghost Hunt haha xD
    Lovely cosplays as well! Ah... How I love cosplay shoots!

    1. yeah this location is just too epic!! haha
      ohh yeah KHR and ghost hunt would fit in very well :D
      I also thought about Elfenlied xD
      unfortunately this part of the engine worls is now a parking area, so we had to take care not to shoot the cars too haha xD
      and thank you so much <3