Thursday, November 8, 2012

9th Cosplay meets Zurich!

Konnichiwa it's been a very long time T_T

I really hope you all had a wonderful time ^_^
School is so rough this time, I have hardly any time to do something besides stuff for school °*°*>_<°*° xDD
But now I have a bit free time to show you some pics of the last Cosplay meets Zurich.
This time Angi and I cosplayed Hakufu and Kanu from Ikki Tousen

 Naturally we haven't such a body u__u xD
But for us cosplay isn't to look exactly alike, it's having fun with friends you love <3

Picture Tiiiimmee

 Angi as Hakufu posing :L


 Me as Kanu xD

 climbing in the trees xDD

 Wannabe Dakimakura picture xDD


I look stoned as hell xDD
my eyes are strange T_T

Some pictures are taken near the landesmuseum of Zurich and others are taken in the Chinese Garden in Zurich. These are really good places for taking photos, especially the chinese garden 

We made a lot more pictures xDD
I will show you some of them later
Look foreward to it <3

Sayonara see you soon *_* 

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