Sunday, September 9, 2012

Gyaru Photoshooting

Heyy gorgeous! <3

Long time ago Anie, Martina, Elena and I went to a photoshooting to make a few gyaru pics, expecially for the gyaru circle "Angel Kiss" 
The shooting was really fun and our photgrapher was also very nice and kind. The whole shooting took about 5 hours so it was exhausting xDD
We dind't reseived all the photos yet, because he needs some more time to edit them a bit.
But I will show you the ones I've got already :D
Photographer & Copyright by Eda Gregr (Camera Obscura Meskinaw)

Enjoy <333

First of all some pictures of us all together <3


Pictures of me xD

Pictures of Elena <3

Pictures of Anie <3

Pictures of Martina <3


Yay I think they turned out kinda awesome xD
and as soon as I get more pictures I'll show them to you <3

Bye byee ^=^


  1. Hallo bin de robi, han dich zuefällig uf Instagramm entdeckt, und dich wele fröge, ob mer mitenand wand schriibe oder vllcht mal iwo en kafi trinke? (:

    wer lieb wenn dich maldisch ;D


    1. haha schoo?? mega cool xD
      jo sicher mer chönd gern schriibe
      wie wotsch?

  2. facebook hanich nöme, normali handynummere ghot @moment au nöd. chömmer über e-mail? :O

    1. okki
      schriib mer mol xD