Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cosplay meets Zurich Nr. 8

Now it's time again... for a next cospaly meeting xDD

Hellloo heloooo xDD I was at a cosplay meeting again <3 So I'm sharing now some photos with you. This time I went to the meeting as Aya from the anime "Tenjou Tenge" and Angi went as Lucy from Elfenlied *kyaaa* xD


 Machell as Suzumyia Haruhi
*make me a sandwich* xD

 me as Aya
Unfortunately without wig and lenses T_T
ignore the bottle xD

 Angi as Lucy
testing her new Video Camera, so we made a lot of videos too xD (they will appear later)


 the girl on the right side took this sign with her so that everybody could see what we were doing here xD

 ohh Haruhi is saaad xDD

 omg look at this cute little boy who is drinking right now xDD

awesome pics of Angii <3

 always eating xDD

 best drink of all time!
Aleo Vera drink

 me having too mong legs xD

 doing shit xD

 sitting like a BOSS xD

 Dark Hatsune Miku

I want this damn rabbit!!! xDD

 Mephosto looks like he is puking in his hat xDD


hot ladies <3

 Later a friend of mine, Roberto took some photos of us with his hardcore awesome camera xDD
we went to a river near the meeting and took some photos there xD

 Angi stalked me xD


*nose explodes" <333

me sitting on a stone in the river xDD

So this was an absolutely adorable day! with all these super cool guys xDD I'm looking foreward to see you again at the next Cosplay meets Zurich in October

See you soon <3


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