Friday, August 3, 2012

Corsica July 2012

Heyoo my little sweet cupcakes xDD 

I'm back in Switzerland :P I was in Corsica for 2 weeks, a little island next to Italy. It was incredibly awesome <33 So basically this post will have nothing to do with gyaru or japanese fashion :P I just wanted to share some awesome pictures of my jorney in Corsica 


 Making pictures while the sun rises <3

and yeah like you see the beaches in Corsica are gorgeous xD

I spend all days swimming and snorkeling in the sea and hanging around at the baeach, so serious stuff to do xD and oh my god i tanned like... I don't know haha xD

Hmm okay maybe I just show you random pictures

 funny tree xDD

 haha I laughted my ass off, I'd never saw such a street sign xD
meanwhile in Crosica xD

 one day we made a boat trip to some little islands next to Corsica
I got to know this awesome girl on the right side, it was really funny but the wind destroyed our hair xD

try to catch the sun <3

 aww ^=^

Soo I think that's enough xDD
Next post will come soon about a Gyaru meeting in Zurich^^

 and finally something for you to watch xDD

until next timee
bye byee *__* 

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