Friday, June 1, 2012

Kon'nichiwa ^__^

This is my first post here, so I think I'm going to introduce myself firstly. Tell you about my lame hobbies, my ordinary life, my boring friends hahaha naaah just kidding xDD I will tell you only the interesting things ^=^ 
I'm 19 and live in seriously, to be extraordinary at my place isn't that dificult xDD I study biochemics and yeahh I enjoy to be a stundent even though  it's quite hard somethimes T_T I'm a dwarf but yeahh dwarfs will conquer the world.... someday... e__e haha

so yeahh thats me xD I loove flowers <3

I ABSOLUTELY love every single japanese thing xD Like animes, manga, cosplay, japanese styles like gyaru and of course japanese music >.< I love drawing especially mangas and i like to edit AMV's (Anime Music Videos) 

Some drawings of mine^^

And now I show you some of my AMV's Q__q xD

Sooo enough spaming xDDD 

Aaaand yeahh maybe your guessing already xD some cosplay pictures of me and some amazing friends <3

The girl with blue hair and I were cosplaying as Rin and Shiemi from Ao no Exorcist.
But unfortunately at that time I didn't recieve my blonde wig so I couldn't do it properly xDD but whoo cares xD

Rin x Shiemi <3 Angela and I

let's dance xD

 Angela and I <3

 Nii and I xD

 ego shoot in the train xDD
 ahh hugs <3
 remind of kindom hearts eh? xDD
 sitting in the train like a boss xDD
 woahh angela is amzaing!
Machell as Haruhi
 Melissa and I
 ohh rin lend his jacket to shiemi <3
Rin vs Lucy xD
gorgeous <3

blogging is exhausting haha

I will show you more pictures soon <3

BYE BYE sweeties see u  ^=^  


  1. Hey there^^
    So you finally did IT XD
    HAHA no but really that weekend was really cool.
    Hope we can repeat that again and i hopefully have then a real cosplay.

    1. haha yes I did xDD
      of course we will!! the 17th of july in zurich babeyy xDD
      loove you <3