Thursday, June 7, 2012

JAN (Japan AniManga Night) 2012

Haiii <3

Now I want to show you some more cosplay pictures xD So this is going to be a reallyy loong post with lots of pictures xD The photos were taken at the Japan AniManga Night in Winterthur. this event is taking place every year. This was my second time going to this event. There are many cosplayers, mountains of anime and manga stuff, japanese food, concerts and some shows <3
So are you ready? If not tough titty xDD

Leeet's goo!!!!

 Machell as Haruhi Suzumiya

 Me as Shiemi Moriyama from Ao No Exorcist

 Angela and I cosplaying Ao no Exorcist

 Maid with beer? There's nothing better in the world xDDD

 Machell and Tamy

 Girls are the better video game players xD

 Toby from Alice Madness Returns <3

 Melissa and I <3

 Baby Doll form Sucker Punch <3

 arrr xD

 Omari Himari ahh she's hot!!

 Angelas and my show on stage <33

 Melissa got made up by Anie

 random posing xDD

 ahh Ramen!! itadakimadu <3

 Ao no Exorcist Group!! Shiemi, Mephisto and Rin <33

 again xDD

 yakisobaa <3

 omg I got attacked by Pedobear xDD

 Melissa buyed a Heartless cap from Kingdom Hearts <3

 haha rin got attacked form Ezio xD

 Mockingbird form Deadmen Wonderland... I loove this anime and manga!

 kawaii <3

 haha Edward from Fullmetal Alchemist posing with Fangirls xDD

 Ersa form Fairy Tail

 hahaaa <3

 Sandra as Lucy from Elfenlied <33


 Anie eating ramen <3
visit her blog she's amazing! Blog
 haha he has no chance xDD

 ahh catwoman and jockers ladyy <33

 ohh noo rin is saad T___T

 hot edward haha

 let's bite Kuro xDDD

 Me eating yakisoba xD

 Ren from Nana and Antonia xD

 amazing o.O

 Roy Musteng form Fulmetal Alchemist

 Macross Frontier <3

 hahaa two Rins arguing about Shiemi xDD

 Sandy and Sandra both as Lucy

 sweet stuff <3

 hahaa I know i'm always eating xDD

 Haruhu and Lucy <3

 omg! Ao No Ecorcist group! Bon, Shiemi and Rin <33

 Chopper form One Piece


 sexy rins xD

 awww Rin protecting Shiemi
 Serah form Final Fantasy XIII ahh loooove it <3

 Natsu form Fairy Tail 


 omg RUUUUUUNN!! hahahaa

 hahaaa nom nom nooom

 ahh cutest picture <33 Me an Angela = best couple <3


 omg followed by Pedobear xDD

 Ranma 1/2 awww

 noooo Niii don't leave meeee T____T

 Lighnting from Final Fantasy XIII

 behind the scenes xDD

 ohh la la xD

 I'll give you duckface nightmares xDD

 best couple <3

 bleach group <3

 posing <3

 who will get Shiemi?? xDD

 Anie and Sandra <3

hahaaa me posing around xDD

Soo I hope you enjoyed watching all this pictures haha
BTW the event took place on the 12th and 13th of May. If you are in Switzerland too you seriously have to visit the next Japan AniManga Night xDD

Next post will come out this weekend - see you *__*


  1. süßer blog
    tolle cosplays

    folge dir nun würde mich freuen wenn mal bei mir vorbei schaust

    1. aww danke vielmals :33
      ja kla ich schau mir deinen gleich ma genau an :D