Sunday, June 3, 2012

Horror Movie Night o.O

Hello again my dears xD Yesterday Laura (a friend of mine) and I went to Angela to watch some horror movies hahaa yeahh we all really love them xD 

First some pictures of us... yeah like always I know e__e
 Laura, Me and Anegla posing with edamames in a japanese restaurant xD

So back to reality xD
When Laura ans I arrived at Angis Hood we started to watch the first film immediately                             
   The fist movie we had watched is called "Mirrors"
 After watching this film i will never be able to look into a mirror again xDDDD
Noo seriously very recommended film!

And then we watched the movie "Amityville Horror". It's based on a real story and was really great too.

And then we decided to watch "Paranormal Activity" Because I havn't seen it yet. It was very frighteing too because you don't see most of the bad things, you have to imagine them T___T

At that moment when the third film was finished it was about half past four in the morning xDD So we decided to make a few pictures and then go to sleep for a couple of hours...

Angelas Hood <3

 Angelas TV and Stuff
 haha <3
 healthy food you know xDD aand smelly feet of course xD

 angela presenting the first movie xD she was wearing violet circle lenses <3

 sexy ao no exorcist caledar :L I want it too!!
 some of Angelas 1000 posters xDD
 Her Dakimakura of Ao no Exrcost
 Yukio :L
 Me cuddling Rin <333
Frog pants for the win xDDD
 Laura cuddling with Rin <3
 Hahahaha I forced her to do this xDD
 kawaii >.<
 haha <3

Naturally we are looking very hot after watching 3 horror movies, eating shit as hell and sitting around like potatoes xDDDDDD 

So we had slept for about 4 hours xDDD and then went on watching horror films hahaha 

 Paranormal Activity 2 was more harmless than the first part I think, but still very good.

I really liked "The Decent". It was relly gory haha

So enough by now xDD Certainly we will make a second horror movie night xD

Seriously after watching this 5 films I lie in my bed in the night and can't decide of which film I should be frightened next xDDD T____T

Sayonara See U Next Time <3


  1. we definitely need a second horror night...i'm not frightened enough yet ^^ but we had a greeeeat time <33 thank you angela & suii ^___^

    can't wait to read more from youu=)


    1. ahhh you are a tough baby <3 i want to be tough too xDD but i'm a totally yellow-belly xDDD but next time maybe i could do it better xDD we will see hahaa but it was really great <33
      i loove you soo much *____*
      ohh my little stalker haha