Monday, June 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Machell ^.-

Do you remember the Haruhi Girl from the cosplay pictures? Well thats Machell :D Her birthday was on the 2nd of June and so she made a birthdayparty for all of us *__*
We watched a lot of animes xD like Avatar - The Legend of Korra, Maid Sama, Spice and Wolf ect.

Machell normally doesn't wear any make up so I thought why not to give her some make-up for present xD
Later I put make-up on her face xD I tried to do it in Gyaru style but without lashes and circle lenses.

 the duck-ass (me) is working xDD I really love to do the make-up for others T__T

Melissa is doing the make-up for Tamara <3
 you know, if one girl is getting her make-up done eyery other girl wants it too xD

 ahh finished xDD do you like it? I think it's absolutely gorgeous <33

hihi <3

 Tamy: Don't you dare!!! haha
Angi is being cute as always xD

 shootingstar <3

 gyaru posing xDD

I hoped she liked it too but probably the make-up was a bit to thick for her for the first time
But I think it looks great!

So that's it xDD 
Next sunday there will be a cosplay meeting in Zurich o.O
So look foreward for hot cosplay pictures xDD

Bye Bye ^=^

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