Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Hii Guys <3

I hope you all had a great weekend, so I do xDD I was really busy, I almost haven't slept the whole weekend but anyway I had to look good for shootings etc T___T I feel like a stressed model xDDD haha
Three things to show you ^O^

1. We had finished our cosplay video *ahhh* xD
2. moooore cosplay pics xDD 
3. gyaru photoshooting :D

 original movie


So we hope you like the video and have something to laugh due to the bloopers xD And we definitely will make more cosplay videos in the future :D

yeahh besides filming we also took a few pictures xD

 Riiiin <33 with sword
 Beacuase of her the word hot got a new explanation <3

 attack xD

 O-tou-san T__T

 haha Rin lost his tail xD

 Shiemi working in the garden xD

 *smell smell* xD

me is rinsing the plants xD

 haha look the blade of grass is higher than I am T__T xDD

 RIDING THE FISH xDD and looking like a pedoo xD

Now to the Gyaru Photoshooting ^=^
It had begun in the earliy morning on 10 o'clock on A SUNDAY!! ahhhh I can't believe it!! I had to wake up on 7 o'clock!! ahhh >.< whyy?? xDD
noo just kidding, it was really fun although it took almost 6 houers!!! o.O The photographer took about 1000 pictures xDD yeah it was exhausting, after the shootong I was a dead fish xD
But it will take a bit more time untill I get the pictures. It could extend to 3 weeks T__T
so I can only show you a "behind the photoshooting" picture xDD GOMEN >.<

 Anie, me and Elena <3

As soon as I get the pictures I will upload them here^^ 

That's it xDD Sayonara see you next time <3


  1. Aw my Gaw, that Video is so CUUUUTE!
    Rin & Shiemi are such a cute couple!!! (and I just love her haircolor xD)
    And the make-up for Shiemi, do you have a tutorial on that or such? Cause I'm looking for a good make-up look for my next cosplay!!

    1. omg!! thank you so much ♥
      haha me too the wig is really cool anyway my natural hair colour suits me more xD
      WOW thanks ♥ but actually it's nothing special
      if you go to the "cosplay meets zurich!" post
      and scroll down to the last picture, you see a picture of my eye how i did the make up
      hope this helps you otherwise I will explain it better ♥

    2. Bwaa, stupid me can't find the post! Q_Q
      Haha, I'm so blind x3
      Would you mind sending the link?
      Oh! And your brown hair is pretty too! But just wearing a wig is fun isn't it xD

    3. haha no problem xD
      yeah thanks <3 ohh definitely yes I want more wigs >.<

    4. Ah yes, I see! Did you use an eye pencil or a liquid liner?

    5. I used a gel liner from manhatten

    6. haha sure no problem :D

  2. I know you guys! =) I've seen you at the Jan and maybe at the Japan Impact last year? You look adorbale!! cute blog by the way! I like the background :)

    1. omg!! great! what were you cosplaying at the jan??
      aww thank you *__*