Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cosplay Meets Zurich!

Helloo Helloo ^=^
On Sunday the 17th of June the 7th "Cosplay meets Zurich" event took place. So to go there was an absolutely must-do xDD We went to the Irchel Park from the University of Zurich to meet all the other cosplayers, to shoot pictures and to stalk others xDD But it was so hot that we didn't managed to stay there for a long time xDD

NOW Picture time xD

Me as Shiemi on the way to Zurich
OK.- drink for energy xD 

Angi as Rin standing in the train <3

 My favourite face expression --> O.o xD

Irchel Park full of cosplayers xD Amazing 


  Big Group Picture <3


 Chii from Chobits taking a bath <3

 Lightning, Serah, Natsu and Naruto

It was too hot >.< I almost jumped in the lake too xDD

Serah and Lightning <3

Epic Mc Donalds Time xD
a cold refreshing <3

 me after pulling off my wig.. ah freedom xDDD

my Circle Lenses <3 do You like them? klick here

Sorry for not making more pictures T_T
But actually Angi, Melissa and I went there to film some scenes for a Rin X Shiemi Video, so we hadn't enough time to take more photos

and yeah the video is almost finished, only a few scenes are missing and some more editing is necessary.
So as soon as it's finished I will present you the video ^__^

Hope you will like it & see you next time <3 

Next weekend I'm going to a gyaru Shooting and I will meet Angi for filming the last few scenes
don't miss it ^=^

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